Platon’un Apologia’sındaki Sokrates’in Kişiliğine Yeni Bir Bakış

Haydar DÖNMEZ   278–290 | Download


Abstract: Socrates is one of the most interesting and enigmatic philosophers in the history of philosophy. In 399 BC he was tried by the Athenian court and executed. The accusers brought three accusations against him: impiety, introducing new gods and corrupting young men. Socrates wrote nothing. Therefore, information about his personality and thoughts is based on writings of his students and contemporaries. Works by Plato, Xenophon and Aristophanes give considerable information, but Socratic images of these writers are inconsistent with each other. This paper tries to take a new look at the personality of Socrates in the Apology of Plato. The Socratic image created by modern scholars is generally positive: honest, wise, democrat, devout, truth-lover. My paper focuses on the obvious contradictions of Socrates in the Apology and tries to disprove his views confirmed by modern scholars. It comes to conclusion that Socrates fails to make a good defence before the jury.

Keywords: Socrates; trial; apology; Athenian court; Greek philosophy.



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