Zwei Weihungen aus Klazomenai

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Abstract: The article presents two new dedicatory inscriptions from Klazomenai: No. 1 is a post­­­humous dedication set up by the demos in honour of a well-deserved citizen named [Apol­l]o­nios, whose services for his community, however, go unmentioned in this very brief inscription from the 3rd or 2nd century BC. Inscription no. 2 dates from the High Empire and is carved on a pedestal which once carried a (presumably bronze) statue of Hermes with a pair of scales meant to identify Hermes as the god of commerce and trading. Dedicated by the panegyriarch Titus Flavius Sophron, the statue with the pair of scales presumably alluded to the important task which Sophron performed as pan­egyriarch: He monitored the market organised in the context of the festivities and ensured its smooth running.

Keywords: Klazomenai; Ionia; dedications; panegyriarch; Hermes; pair of scales.



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