A New Funerary Inscription from the Kırşehir Museum

Cemil KOYUNCU - Jan Mathieu CARBON  98-102

Doi: 10.36991/PHILIA.202107

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Abstract: The article publishes a new funerary inscription of the Roman Imperial period now located in the Kırşehir Museum (Cappadocia). The stele was erected by a couple for their eight-year-old daughter, who seems to bear the distinctive name Λαζουρη. There follows an epigram in her memory which combines a series of fairly common formulae, though a few particularities or difficulties of interpretation remain.

Keywords: Epigram, Kırşehir, Cappadoccia, Lazoure


French 2007 D.H. French, Inscriptions from Cappadocia II, Epigraphica Anatolica 40, 2007, 67–108.