Maussollos and the Date of the Transfer of the Seat of the Karian Satrapy to Halikarnassos

Koray KONUK   93–97

Doi: 10.36991/PHILIA.202106

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Abstract: This paper argues that Maussollos (377–353 BC) transferred the seat of the Karian satrapy from Mylasa to Halikarnassos early in his reign. Until now the date of the transfer was a matter of speculation and various proposals in the interval 377–362 BC based on thin evidence have been proposed. Numismatic evidence, however, provides a clear indication that the move took place in c. 375 BC. This early date has historical and archaeological consequences, among which is the question of the attribution of the monumental Uzunyuva tomb whose owner can no longer be entertained as Maussollos.

Keywords: Karia, Maussollos, Halikarnassos, Mylasa, Uzunyuva, coins, numismatics.



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