New Inscriptions from the Middle Hermos

Peter THONEMANN   122–137

Doi: 10.36991/PHILIA.201912 

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Abstract: The author publishes eight inscriptions from the region of Kula in the Middle Hermos valley, seven of them previously unknown. Two inscriptions derive from the modern town of Kula itself: an epitaph dating to the late first century BC (no. 1) and a dedication, probably to Meis Axiottenos, set up by a pragmateutēs (no. 2). There then follow five inscriptions from the modern village of Ayazören (ancient Iaza): a fragmentary funerary stēlē (no. 3); a funerary stēlē with accompanying relief, previously published, with several incorrect readings, by Christian Naour (no. 4); another fragmentary funerary stēlē (no. 5); a lengthy epitaph describing a large extended family (no. 6); and an epitaph including several idiosyncratic formulae (no. 7). Finally, a doorstone from modern Şehitlioğlu (ancient Thermai Theseos) appears to be a pierre errante; it almost certainly derives from the territory of Phrygian Akmoneia.

Keywords: Lydia, Kula, Hermos valley, Epitaphs, Dedications.



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