A New Dedication to Potamos from Parsibey in Northeast Phrygia

Hale GÜNEY   59–62

Doi: 10.36991/PHILIA.201906 

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Abstract: Excavations This paper presents a new dedication to Potamos found in the village of Parsibey (Province Eskişehir) in 2018. The inscription on a white marble column mentions the names of Phoinix (without patronymic) as dedicator and his son Hermes. The dedication of Phonix is the second known columnar votive offering to the river-god from the same village. It provides new evidence for the cult of Potamos in Northeast Phrygia and supports the suggestions for the location of the sanctuary of the river-god, which should be looked for near Parsibey. Further dedications to Potamos found in the region indicate that the river-god was recognised by the inhabitants as Tembris, the main river in Northeast Phrygia. Two votive stelai from the region, transported to Istanbul and Iznik, give a depiction of the river god as an old man with a beard.

Keywords: Dedication, River-god Potamos, Tembris, Northeast Phrygia, Beylikova



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