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Abstract: In this article I provide a new edition and line-by-line commentary of one of the texts inscribed by the cultic association of the Xenoi Tekmoreioi in the Pisidian-Phrygian border region in the 3rd c. AD. The edition is based on an unpublished entry in one of the diaries in which Sir William Mitchell Ramsay took notes and recorded inscriptions during his extensive travels through Asia Minor in the late 19th and early 20th centuries AD. Parts of the text under discussion have already been published, but the entry in the notebook from 1912–13 allows the emendation of names in ll. 9–10 and 12 and adds ten hitherto unknown lines at the bottom of the inscription continuing the list of personal names followed by patronymic, ethnikon, and sometimes a sum of money.

Keywords: Xenoi Tekmoreioi; William Mitchell Ramsay; dedication; anthroponyms; Tyche; emperors.



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