New Epigraphic Documents from Northeast Phrygia

Hale GÜNEY   55–66

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Abstract: This paper presents the initial results of an epigraphic survey carried out in 2015 in northeast Phrygia, today encompassing Mihalıççık County located between the Sakarya (Sangarios) river to the north and the Porsuk (Tembris) river to the south. The paper focuses on nine new inscriptions attested as spolia in Çalçı, Çardak, Dinek, İkizafer, Kızılbörüklü, Kozlu, Otluk and Yalımkaya villages and their vicinities, all located in Mihalıççık County in Eskişehir province today. All of these inscriptions contain information relating to the inhabitants as well as land-ownership in the region of northeast Phrygia. The paper begins by laying out the historical geography of the survey area, and then it presents a catalogue of the inscriptions with commentaries.

Keywords: Mihalıççık; Choria Considiana; imperial estate; funerary inscriptions; imperial freedmen; veterans.



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