A Phantom City in the Troad: Aioleion and its Coinage

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Abstract: In this study, it is argued that the actual minting place of coins with ΑΙΟΛΕ legend, which are attributed to a city assumed to be in Troas region, is Assos and that they were struck in the name of the Koinon of Aiolis between 310-280 B.C., of which the center was Assos. This suggestion is supported by numismatic data obtained during the excavations of Assos carried out between 1981 and 2015. The fact that there is no city in Troas named Aioleion, to which place these coins are attributed, is attested by first and second degree historical sources on the region such as topographical studies, archaeological researches and excavations as well as epigraphical documents.

Keywords: Troas; coinage; Assos; Koinon Aioleis; Aioleion.



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