The procurator Domitius Philippus and Nysa ad Maeandrum in the First Half of the 3rd Century A.D

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Abstract: This article presents an inscription unearthed during the agora excavations at the Carian city of Nysa ad Maeandrum in 1998. It was set up in honour of a member of the equestrian rank: Domitius Philippus, procurator Augusti ducenarius and logistes (curator rei publicae). He was most probably a procurator provinciae Asiae. He may be identical with Cn. Domitius Philippus (PIR2 D 157), who was sent to Egypt as stratelates/dux between 1 January 241 and April 242 for an extraordinary mission, probably after he had held a financial procuratela with the rank of a ducenarius in the province Asia (perhaps with another procuratela in between). The protos archon M. Aurelius Attalos, together with the grammateis, was responsible for the erection of the monument for Domitius Philippus. This M. Aurelius Attalos could be identical with Attalos, one of the sons (Apollonios IV-Attalos) of M. [Aur.] Apollonios III, and a member of the city elite (BCH 7, 1883, no. 15). If the identification of Domitius Philippus and M. Aur. Attalos is correct, the inscription can be dated to the 230s CE. Philippus received the title ktistes as a procurator and logistes at Nysa. Consequently, he may have been sent to this city by the emperor in order to control building activities and to find new resources for this purpose through examination of the city’s accounts. It is not known what construction projects Philippus may have been responsible for and why the city came to require a logistes for this work; however, it is known that the city spent a lot of money on building projects in the first and the second centuries CE. Having discussed some third-century problems, the author assumes that Nysa was still able at that time to provide money for construction activities, but the city was in need of logistai.

Keywords: Nysa; Domitius Philippus; procurator; logistes; Statue base.



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