A Hellenistic isopoliteia decree from Laodikeia on the Lykos

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Abstract: The author re-edits a recently published decree of isopoliteia from Laodikeia on the Lykos in south-west Phrygia, dated on the basis of letter-forms to the third or early second century BC. The decree (passed by a city whose identity is uncertain, “city x”) confers citizenship and various other privileges on the people of Laodikeia, in response to a Laodikeian embassy reporting an earlier grant of isopoliteia from the Laodikeians to “city x”. The author proposes various new restorations to the text of the decree, and argues that the city responsible for passing the extant decree is not (as the first editor had suggested) Stratonikeia in Karia, but the city of Seleukeia–Tralleis in the Maeander valley.

Keywords: Isopoliteia; Laodikeia on the Lykos; Stratonikeia; Tralleis; Decree-formulae; Magistrates; Hellenistic period.



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