On Some New Lycian Coin Types

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Abstract: This paper examines a number of Lycian coins dated to the second half of the fifth century BC which were either previously unknown, or inadequately published. Some attribut­ions are discussed and in some cases new solutions are proposed. A stater from Patara attributed to Wekhssere II was actually struck by Ukhssepddimi, a previously unknown dynast of the late fifth century BC. Links with the issues of Wakhssepddimi are discussed and coins previously attributed to Wekhssere I are shown to have been actually struck by Wakhssepddimi. Further new coins are discussed and attributed to a previously unknown dynast named Wakhs­sebllimi, minting c. 440–430 BC.

Keywords: Lycia; Coins; Numismatics; Dynasts; Wekhssere; Ukhssepddimi; Wakhssepddimi; Wakhssebllimi.



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