"PHILIA - International Journal of Ancient Mediterranean Studies" comprises to the ancient period of the whole Mediterranean Basin as well as the history of the ancient Mediterranean, including Papyrology, Numismatic, Historical Geography, Archeology, Prosopography, Social, Economic, Political, Administrative Backgrounds and also, History of Religion. PHILIA, an internationally recognized journal, is committed to being an international publishing platform within the framework of academic ethics principles for new approaches to different aspects of the Ancient Mediterranean culture. In respect with this aim, articles in Turkish, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian are accepted to publishing process in the above mentioned fields.

Throughout the publication process which continues until the completion of a volume, the publication policy must be followed in accordance with the scientific norms and criteria set by the editors. The yearly volume of PHILIA journal is published always in December, submission of an article is at the latest at the end of August of the relevant year. In addition, a Turkish summary should be found at the end of each article. The submitted article must have not been published before, or has not been submitted to another journal and is not being evaluated within the publication process. In PHILIA journal, an article included in the publication process should not be presented with a separate journal until the editorial process is finished. Each submitting article is evaluated by at least two reviewers of the field expert and the final result is reported to the authors within three months. The articles to be submitted must be prepared in accordance with the PHILIA Publication Principles. Each article is examined against plagiarism using the iThenticate program. In addition, the authors must submit to the editors and editorial board the permission to publish archaeological, epigraphical and numismatic materials that are the subject of their work. The works which are not mentioned in the source and which are not submitted with the permission of publication are not accepted to the publication process. As a result of publication of the journal, the legal and scientific responsibilities that may arise regarding the article belong to the authors.

The works submitted to the journal in the specific disciplines are presented to the reviewers of the field experts determined by the editorial board. During the reviewer evaluation process, blind-reviewer practice is carried out; so authors and reviewers are not informed about each other. The work considered appropriate for publication as the result of the evaluation is in the current issue. Authors should submit the copyright transfer forms to the editorial board for the articles to be published in the journal. Under these copyrighted copyrights, the authors are deemed to have accepted that they will not be able to publish, or re-evaluate, the published manuscript without a consent of the editorial board.